Business Planning

How confident are you about your company's roadmap?

Separating out short-term goals from long-term ones - and then executing them - can be tricky...

Raising capital, forming strategic alliances and partnerships, deciding between organic and inorganic growth...  All legitimate options requiring exploration.

Do your business planning materials demonstrates polish, expertise and a sound growth trajectory?  How comprehensive is your research on the market and its trends?  Are your financial models based on sound facts and justifiable assumptions?  Everything starts with plan.

Marketing & Sales

Every company could do with increased and more efficient customer acquisition.  And each marketing channel has it's own associated costs and conversion rates, dependant on the target market segment.

Are all of your marketing activities methodically tracked and priced?  Is your online presence as compelling as it ought to be?  Are you leveraging new media and e-commerce solutions?

Marketing and Sales needn't cost an arm and a leg. Let us help guide you through the labyrinth.

We're confident you'll be pleased with the value gained from engaging with us...

M&A Advisory

Bankers have you think that M&A is tremendously complex - it's not. Though it is as much an art as it is a science.  And bringing all the pieces together and maintaining momentum through an auction and transaction process leaves much room for stumbling.

Most of our clients are not vanilla M&A participants.  Our engagements lead us to working well off the beaten path, and the more creative and innovative the approach required, the more value we can add.

We particularly like management buy-outs and buy-ins, and for the right opportunity, raising capital is never an issue.


Global & Diverse

Our consultants and financiers have worked for the leading professional services firms - and we have a pool of world-class industry-specific contractors whom we pull into projects as required - so you'll always receive the dedicated and talented resources that you need on your engagements.


Next Steps...

Everything starts with a conversation, and even if we're not able to work with you, we'll help you out if we can...